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Discover a whole new creative side of our industry.On August 5th The Experiences will go LIVE. Top things to do on Vision Show:

1- Support The Exhibitors

2- Register for Vision Show Street Fair

3- Register for Vision Shark

4- Claim Your Eye Swag Bag

5- Enjoy Our Premium Content

6- Get Ready For Eye Shop Independent
some of our highlights. there are over 52 exhibitors, 6 experiences, hours and hours of programming and thousands of other eyecare professionals that are looking for the same solutions as you. we learn - together. we grow - together. we win- together!

Optical Near ME

Over 31000 people search for optical shops in their neighborhood each month. will you be there when they need you most? Optical Near ME is the first done for you, turn key, e-commerce solution in the US.

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Independent Owner's Network

The fastest growing independnet lab network in the country is working hard to give you new solutions daily. We have taken a brave stand against goliatch managed care programs and corporate infrastructure. Ready for true independence?

Schneider Equipment

What if YOU could have a digital lab in YOUR CAN!! With revolutionary new technology that is designed to give you maximum profitability, we can provide new models designed for maximum profitability.

Product name

Not all virtual try ons were created equal. With our new virtual try on, we will give you the tools to show a new side of your business.

Faniel Eyewear

Exquisite styles designed with love and creativity. Have you been looking for a new frame line to make your patients go WOW??? Faniel is your brand..

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True champion of the independent, Santinelli still has the best selling edger systems in the industry!

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