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we are a value centric culture

Vision Show is the perfect space for your next event, summit, webinar, demo or exhibit in the eyecare industry.
Event services
Make your event the one everyone remembers

Your event deserves the best. You can hire a marketing team, sales team, production team, webinar team, PR team, development team and lead generation team AND host your own event OR you can hire US.

We are currently offering affordable and even FREE placement on our fast growing platform.

You can also rent out our entire platform for an exclusive event.

The world has already emerged from their digital cocoon into the omnichannel era.

Get woke with us and let's put on a show!

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    Niche events

    At Vision Show, you can have confidence that your next couture event in a way that will be inspiring and immersive to your exclusive audience.

    We provide an uber concierge experience.

    You spoil your customers and let us spoil you!

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    Tailored Experience

    This is, after all, a bespoke industry. The pressure is always on to differentiate and modify the experiences we provide on the front end to offer that WOW factor.

    WE not only offer an amazing FRONT END experience, BUT our back end is banging too!!!

    Tons of fun toys to explore.

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    Marketing Toy Box

    You can tell the men (and women) from the boys by the size of their toys.


    • Custom content creation
    • Wicked Webinars
    • Marketing Automation
    • Sales Bots
    • Full funnel ecosystems
    • Live Streams
    • AR Commerce
    • Virtual Elegance

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